IS Halloween SAFE?

As you know I am a Chrisian and Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior. Unfortunatley, there are several Holidays (sounds like Holy-days) that are not GODLY!!! Easter is centered around bunny rabbits, eggs, and candy. However, some people realize it is the Ressurecion that we should celebrate!The whole ideas of holidays is over commercialized bigtime!!! I mean everyone knows about this, but did you know that Easter is actually a pagan holiday known as “Ish-tar”- yep that is correct. Now please understand I belive in GOD and His Ressurection is True and wonderful and I am so thankful for it – I just don’t think it should be all about candy and peeps!Now on to the WORST holiday ever… Halloween. It is evil. I mean you take (what God calls a “gift” in the BIBLE) your child (gift) and dress her/him up in scrary witches,ghosts, and gobblins etc. and parade them around at night for snacks!!!BTW — I am just as guilty of this as you are- My kids have been:

hannah montana

goblin one year (hated that)



blues clues



I mean we slowly and wrecklessly push past this jarring rather fearful realization of what it really celebrates (the devil) and say well its for the kids and they want candy! I think there is a fine line we each choose to walk as we dress up our children of God in worldly costumes and go begging for more candy. My fiance and I dread doing Halloween, but every year we just choose to look the other way and say well, everything was ok last time we did it.. so why not. I decorated my front porch for Fall not halloween- and that is mainly because Glen (fiance) agreed to it rather than halloween stuff! It really takes a large degree of well courage and bravery to say you know what? My kids can go get candy but no dressing up as evil demons, goblins, or ghosts. Stay with something cute and Fall oriented. To be brutally honest even that is still wrong – but again it is moderaion i guess. So,I am really just sort of curious of one thing— WHO WILL STAND UP FOR JESUS enough to say no to the candy and no to the kids wants and yes to God?

(God bless you weather you dress up or not and the Lord go with you)


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