Layout Organization : help!!

Alright —I’m back yes  I have returened to share with you my path to organizaton of the eluding layouts !!

Now —before I begin let me warn you that I am far (i mean way far) away from knowing everything about layout or for that matter any organization. I am only  sharing with you guys what is and is not working for me at the moment.

Heres the deal—See I am well,  not rich therefore I have many (I am talking like 300 plus ) many layouts out of books because I simply cannot afford to put every layout I create in a book!! Yeah it sucks but honestly I could for example with any extra money I ever get I always or almost always spend it on scrapbooking supplies rather than more books because to me I would rather create than to store— making sense yet ?

So— here is my two cents . I own a wooden card catalog box (had it for years barley being touched) I used to keep all out phone numbers in it. Then it hit me “hey I could re-purpose it “! Approximatley two months ago I took everything out of it and decided to organize my layouts in it !! I took all the little white cards and began the arduous task of numbering all my layouts!! I finally finished and for each page or layout I color coded it too such as for my Son he was a blue mark on the back of the layout – my Daughter a pink mark on the backs. So each layout got a number and a color coding mark Oh,  and family layouts that had multiple people in them got a green mark. Ya got me ?? Sounds pretty simple HUH?? WRONG !!!After cataloging oh I guess 300 layouts it got confusing so at this point I’m left wondering —what now ?? This is where you yes YOU come in. IF you have any and I mean any at all suggestions regarding my way of organizing layouts PLEASE leave me a comment with any and all tips you may have!! TIA!!

Yes ahh your still here — well that was it what ? Did you expect some amazing new tip or strategy for organizng your layouts —nope not here yet come back some other day please!


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