Multiple Planning

Welcome back and thank you for reading ! Assuming you got this far – HOORAY!!! Ok — I have two planners at the moment. One is my Filofax in Rasberry Saffiano an A5 and the other planner is my Happy Planner from Michaels Craft Store – (the large one).

Ideally I  wanted to use each planner for a different use, but I was unable to add my own pages (I had no levenger punch) so yeah guess that leaves me with two planners both for the same identical use. (oh boy can you say crash and burn) Now … the reason I say “crash and burn”  is because (to give you a little back story) I am in the midst of starting up a “NEW” routine. OMG as if it is even new to me at this point. I have been intending to begin and KEEP a new routine for years now (yeah I know) ridiculous !!!! Ok so here is my key for my color coding :

Yellow– Bible Study

Orange– Pills

Green– Excersize

At least this (above) is how I am starting out so far.

IF BIG IF -anyone has a better suggestion on how to manage 2 planners or similar please leave a comment !TIA!!!


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