You would NOT believe what is happening over at umm… Facebook!!!! Ok, I have several (I’m talking like 20) different Christian  groups – such as Bible Journaling Community, His Kingdom Come, Documented Faith and many many others. It is one of the main reasons i even get onto facebook!! So your thinking cool shes a Christian and proud of it cool– HOLD UP … guess what? I was casually scrolling thru the posts as always when BAM!!! I saw a , well, outrageous post!! Know what it said? It said :: “Facebook is banning “amen posts” !!! Now in case you do not yet know an amen post is when someone puts up a post that says something kinda like God has been really good to me today type amen if you agree. Now at this point I usually choose whether or not to type “amen”. Usually I do unless I’m tired or did not see it etc.

I am honestly insulted, appauled, and shocked that the “people” over at would even begin to consider taking GOD or “amen” out of their site!!!! Sorry if you think I am overreacting but really??? Do they think maybe our Real GOD JESUS is getting too much attention? Do they want to ban actual Christian groups I’m a dedicated subscriber to next?? I mean to me honestly I think it is invading our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, heck freedom in general!!! Now do keep in mind I have only seen One single post about this so its not like they are viciously getting rid of all amens … YET?

All I know is I am really thinking about starting my own group about the whole idea of banning the word amen to positive quotes, scripture, and sayings on Who is with me? As I type I am planning on paper (yeah now you know it’s serious) lol about leaving multiple messages on all of my Christian groups about this!!! IF BIG IF because if you have not noticed I have at the moment like 0 zero followers (so sad) on my blog — well if you are a smart, daring, brave, and loyal to Jesus kinda gal or guy please do me, yourself, and GOD a BIG favor and subscribe here and to my brand spanking new facebook group.

You at this point have a choice:

  1. Stop reading and do nothing
  2. Stop reading and very wisely dash over to facebook to give them a piece of your mind.
  3. Stop reading and subscribe to my group (thank you so much friend) really awesome !

Either way, I pray in Jesus name –the only name that heals, saves, blesses, and guides all of us to be with you whatever your decision is may you be truly lead by the precious Holy Spirit. GOD BLESS AMERICA –( and yeah that includes you too


Layout Organization : help!!

Alright —I’m back yes  I have returened to share with you my path to organizaton of the eluding layouts !!

Now —before I begin let me warn you that I am far (i mean way far) away from knowing everything about layout or for that matter any organization. I am only  sharing with you guys what is and is not working for me at the moment.

Heres the deal—See I am well,  not rich therefore I have many (I am talking like 300 plus ) many layouts out of books because I simply cannot afford to put every layout I create in a book!! Yeah it sucks but honestly I could for example with any extra money I ever get I always or almost always spend it on scrapbooking supplies rather than more books because to me I would rather create than to store— making sense yet ?

So— here is my two cents . I own a wooden card catalog box (had it for years barley being touched) I used to keep all out phone numbers in it. Then it hit me “hey I could re-purpose it “! Approximatley two months ago I took everything out of it and decided to organize my layouts in it !! I took all the little white cards and began the arduous task of numbering all my layouts!! I finally finished and for each page or layout I color coded it too such as for my Son he was a blue mark on the back of the layout – my Daughter a pink mark on the backs. So each layout got a number and a color coding mark Oh,  and family layouts that had multiple people in them got a green mark. Ya got me ?? Sounds pretty simple HUH?? WRONG !!!After cataloging oh I guess 300 layouts it got confusing so at this point I’m left wondering —what now ?? This is where you yes YOU come in. IF you have any and I mean any at all suggestions regarding my way of organizing layouts PLEASE leave me a comment with any and all tips you may have!! TIA!!

Yes ahh your still here — well that was it what ? Did you expect some amazing new tip or strategy for organizng your layouts —nope not here yet come back some other day please!

Multiple Planning

Welcome back and thank you for reading ! Assuming you got this far – HOORAY!!! Ok — I have two planners at the moment. One is my Filofax in Rasberry Saffiano an A5 and the other planner is my Happy Planner from Michaels Craft Store – (the large one).

Ideally I  wanted to use each planner for a different use, but I was unable to add my own pages (I had no levenger punch) so yeah guess that leaves me with two planners both for the same identical use. (oh boy can you say crash and burn) Now … the reason I say “crash and burn”  is because (to give you a little back story) I am in the midst of starting up a “NEW” routine. OMG as if it is even new to me at this point. I have been intending to begin and KEEP a new routine for years now (yeah I know) ridiculous !!!! Ok so here is my key for my color coding :

Yellow– Bible Study

Orange– Pills

Green– Excersize

At least this (above) is how I am starting out so far.

IF BIG IF -anyone has a better suggestion on how to manage 2 planners or similar please leave a comment !TIA!!!