My Take on Heidi Swapp’s “Memory Planner”

First of all let me say I love all of Heidi Swapp’s products– except I do have a slight issue with one particular product.she has recently created. Her glammed up really eye catching memory planner is quite frankly simply another planner. When I heard of the brillant idea of a planner to plan memories ( as the title says) I was thrilled! Finally a place to record layouts, cards, art journlaing, mixed media and faith art! For example when I hear the title of her product “Heidi Swapp Memory Planner” I immedialty think of project pages, calendar pages, supply lists, and the like. Now hold up dont get me wrong — I actually am a fan of her “memory” planner its so pretty and gold!

So– I would just really like it if the swapp would make a product as the product name says  it is does that make sense? So  whats next to say I know how about how I have been scrapbooking for over 16 years and would die at the sheer idea of being involved in making or creating a real deal memory planner. A little back history for a moment – I use a moleskine black art journal to keep all my ideas in and it is full I mean brimming with ideas of layouts, cards, projects and such. Arent we as scrappers ready for a legitimate memory planner I dont know about you but I am.

Now here comes the corny part– if anyone reading this has the desire to partner with me in creating a real deal memory planner please leave a comment and i will happlily respond.

Thanks for reading – and btw if any of you are looking for a typical nice planner go with heidi swapp she makes great stuff again this is just my opinion and I am in no way in contact with heidi swapp. god bless.


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