LAYOUT Managment

I began scrapbooking in 2000 that is basically 16 years wow feels like 10 or less! I at this time own 11 albums (just bought 6 on sale) As a seasoned scrapbooker until say a week ago I owned 5 scrapbooks which for the time ive been at it not much. Keep in mind I am only counting the 12×12 not my mini albums.

For years I just kept loose leaf layouts and stored them in a large cheapy plastic bin with a lid. Well, 300 lay outs later I needed albums and I bought 6 but sitll need more I think.

Here is the beef–

Find a box or bin or tray and designate it for little diy white cards for keeping track of all layouts done. I am using a wooden box with a drawer meant for addresses and phone numbers.  Depending on if you have children which I have two move along marking starting with the oldest layout without a home #1 then mark subjects and a year on back of the page itself and on a single white card and file away in your box etc. GO along listing  also color code each page for example ok I see the page of my kids and me ice skating goes to my Son , Cody so I mark the year subjects # 1 etc and blue marker line to show at age 18 that layout will go in his book for him to keep. Am I making sense yet?

ONe more example my Daughter, Kaili I grab her and her friends sleep over mark the year, subjects,, # 2 or whatever and a pink marker because it will go one day (at 18) in her girls book. GET IT ?

I have over 300 loose layouts and it took me off and on working on this approx. 2-3 weeks! Now to put them in books – more progress coming ! Thanks for reading and again please comment! Jesus loves YOU Yes YOU.


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