Faith Art

Take time to create drawing from your life experiences. Realize and accept your not perfect (I do not mean quit trying or never get better) . See the path your on as a unique journey because that is what it is ( to me at least).

I recently checked out some books from my library and was blessed by two that were about a scrapbooker’s spiritual life. Like The Scrapbooker’s Journey was one. The book lists a new project for the reader to do every chapter of the book. Kinda inspired me!

Well, Im waiting … go ahead grab your supplies (all of them) and get busy!  Open up that BIble and look for verses that matter most to you and use it as a spring board to create a one of a kind masterpiece! You know you want to.

Thank you for reading and when you have done please share the work or a comment about your awesome work of heart.



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