D.I.Y. embellishments

These days there is just so much to choose from – I mean today I was in Michael’s and I saw beautiful things all over the place -(sometimes I have to say no you cannot buy it all, but i think when we think it over we have all had the tendancey to want to inhale the new products)

I will be the first to tell you I am new to the whole make your own embellishments game. Done it a couple times. To me there are (to the best of my knowledge) only 3 products that allow you to make your own embellishments. Listed below are my favorite in no particular order:

  • The Ranger Melting Pot
  • The Heidi Swapp Minc
  • The Xyron Sticker Maker

Now– I am sure there are many others but these are the ones I either have owned or thought would work nicley.

The only draw back to purchasing these tools is well they take more than you are aware. For example The Ranger Melting Pot must have UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel), and maybe a mold. The Minc uses foil you must buy for it, while the Xyron requires  tape rolls . IT takes something to make something machines. I would be very very interested in actually seeing a machine if possible that refills itself or does not require extra cost on a regular basis. Wouldn’t that be nice ? Im sure your wallet will thank you.

Below is a list of necessary things you will need for each of these wonderful machines.


  • the pot
  • a spatula
  • utee
  • molds (optinal)


  • the minc machine (costs 100 and up dollars but hey have a mini for less)
  • foil in your choice of colors
  • etc


  • the machine
  • the tape

(please do be advised I own the melting pot by Ranger and have used and owned the Xyron but never tried the minc) thank you.please comment to reach me opr at mindygail11@gmail.com


There is always the use of punches which are relativley cheap ! You can make tissue paper flowers with brads as centers or hand cut arrows for boys pages, butterflies, etc. get crafting !


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