BOOK Reccomendations

  • Scraptastic    Ashley Calder
  • THe Scrapbook Journey    Cory RIchardson- laurie
  • Scrapbooking Your Faith        Courtney Wald
  • Get IT Scrapped    Debbie Hodge   (also great site
  • Unlocking Your Creativity    Doreen Marcial Poreba ?
  • Scrapbook Page Maps    Becky Fleck





LAYOUT Managment

I began scrapbooking in 2000 that is basically 16 years wow feels like 10 or less! I at this time own 11 albums (just bought 6 on sale) As a seasoned scrapbooker until say a week ago I owned 5 scrapbooks which for the time ive been at it not much. Keep in mind I am only counting the 12×12 not my mini albums.

For years I just kept loose leaf layouts and stored them in a large cheapy plastic bin with a lid. Well, 300 lay outs later I needed albums and I bought 6 but sitll need more I think.

Here is the beef–

Find a box or bin or tray and designate it for little diy white cards for keeping track of all layouts done. I am using a wooden box with a drawer meant for addresses and phone numbers.  Depending on if you have children which I have two move along marking starting with the oldest layout without a home #1 then mark subjects and a year on back of the page itself and on a single white card and file away in your box etc. GO along listing  also color code each page for example ok I see the page of my kids and me ice skating goes to my Son , Cody so I mark the year subjects # 1 etc and blue marker line to show at age 18 that layout will go in his book for him to keep. Am I making sense yet?

ONe more example my Daughter, Kaili I grab her and her friends sleep over mark the year, subjects,, # 2 or whatever and a pink marker because it will go one day (at 18) in her girls book. GET IT ?

I have over 300 loose layouts and it took me off and on working on this approx. 2-3 weeks! Now to put them in books – more progress coming ! Thanks for reading and again please comment! Jesus loves YOU Yes YOU.

D.I.Y. embellishments

These days there is just so much to choose from – I mean today I was in Michael’s and I saw beautiful things all over the place -(sometimes I have to say no you cannot buy it all, but i think when we think it over we have all had the tendancey to want to inhale the new products)

I will be the first to tell you I am new to the whole make your own embellishments game. Done it a couple times. To me there are (to the best of my knowledge) only 3 products that allow you to make your own embellishments. Listed below are my favorite in no particular order:

  • The Ranger Melting Pot
  • The Heidi Swapp Minc
  • The Xyron Sticker Maker

Now– I am sure there are many others but these are the ones I either have owned or thought would work nicley.

The only draw back to purchasing these tools is well they take more than you are aware. For example The Ranger Melting Pot must have UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel), and maybe a mold. The Minc uses foil you must buy for it, while the Xyron requires  tape rolls . IT takes something to make something machines. I would be very very interested in actually seeing a machine if possible that refills itself or does not require extra cost on a regular basis. Wouldn’t that be nice ? Im sure your wallet will thank you.

Below is a list of necessary things you will need for each of these wonderful machines.


  • the pot
  • a spatula
  • utee
  • molds (optinal)


  • the minc machine (costs 100 and up dollars but hey have a mini for less)
  • foil in your choice of colors
  • etc


  • the machine
  • the tape

(please do be advised I own the melting pot by Ranger and have used and owned the Xyron but never tried the minc) thank you.please comment to reach me opr at


There is always the use of punches which are relativley cheap ! You can make tissue paper flowers with brads as centers or hand cut arrows for boys pages, butterflies, etc. get crafting !

D.I.Y. home design

It was finally here ….CHRISTMAS!! I was on my  own for the first time ever ever ever! So, in turn it must be great! My dear kids will be there, my Mother and Stepfather, and bff Jeff.

It hit me I can decorate my little apartment -(sure my roommate who will remain nameless was not celebrating the Holiday – wierd)! I grabbed a notebook and quickly jotted ideas down as quickly as they came to me! I bought (jeff drove) a large canvas pad of paper at Hobby Lobby and thought I will make a glitter “Believe” sign, I hit up the dollar  $tore (jeff drove) and picked up ribbon, treat bags etc.  I took ordinary glass jars and wrapped them in blue and red patterned paper and card stock and put snowflakes in the middle. Less is more I told myself. Then I made a banner from some spring stuff I had saved months prior. SPelled noel in the banner.

My whole point in sharing the story is to let you know:

a. yes everyone loved the tree and decorations all done dirt cheap

b. You do NOT have to spend a ton on diy decor just to get a refined simple look

SO- make a list first things first what are your plans (do keep in mind this can and has by me been done for any time of year just did a repeat only in spring colors)

  • make a list of all projects and staple or paper clip together
  • go (if needed) to a cheapy dollar tree or the like
  • lay out old newspaper or rags over area
  • choose your colors (do  not skip this step) my spring ones were pink and gray
  • Repurpos old containers – jars, boxes, lids, oh and yes even toilet paper tubes -(i made a really cute toilet paper tube glued to a dish and painted so cheap but elegant
  • lay out all supplies new and old
  • go for it

I know you hear everywhere do it cheap but i am always on a budget and this decor looked adorable for real and still affordable ! I even had just hung up an old wooden curio or wood shelf thing and had little things inside each mini cubby plain and very very boring well for spring I chose to fill each (9) cubbies with  little missmatched glass jars (spagetti ones or any) and painted some pinnk and gray others just gray cardstock with torn edges and a pink ribbon in the center …. remember less really is more!

Lastly, let me give out a special thank you to jesus he is the reason for all my ideas and inspiration ! In all things GOD WORKS.


go on get to it .





Faith Art

Take time to create drawing from your life experiences. Realize and accept your not perfect (I do not mean quit trying or never get better) . See the path your on as a unique journey because that is what it is ( to me at least).

I recently checked out some books from my library and was blessed by two that were about a scrapbooker’s spiritual life. Like The Scrapbooker’s Journey was one. The book lists a new project for the reader to do every chapter of the book. Kinda inspired me!

Well, Im waiting … go ahead grab your supplies (all of them) and get busy!  Open up that BIble and look for verses that matter most to you and use it as a spring board to create a one of a kind masterpiece! You know you want to.

Thank you for reading and when you have done please share the work or a comment about your awesome work of heart.


Layout Forms?

The other day I was organizing all my loose layouts (you know the ones that we dont have room for in our many scrapbooks) yeah those, well i thought what if I made a form for every lay out I create?

Something like this:


Date Taken:



Number of photos:

Layout Ideas:

So, my next question was what to do with them before and after using them up. I figure i will group them with their photos until ready to use and when done trash them!!! Simple.

This was my idea but it was sparked off

Spring 2016 Schedule

Just so you know we have a new schedule with more content. In actuality there is less weekly titles yet a higher level of content. Simply meaning instead of a title like Relish the Embellish etc every day and say one single submission post under the title we will have less titles yet more posts per title. Man, I hope this is making sense-lol.

Tuesday- Unlocking Your Creativity

Thursday- Design Principals

Sunday- Faith Art

Now, eventually I will begin to add more titles but for now lets keep it simple kiss ( no offense) lol

**please comment and be aware anyone reading if your a scrapbooker or creative I am seeking contributors for this blog. THANK YOU for reading GOD BLESS.