Crop Hop

Let me take you back. I had been involved in His Kingdom Come website which is I was trying to get ideas and came across an area marked forums and went past it came back and thought why not. Then I saw an area that said crops and I immediatly thought never in my area not in Texas. Bam ! I saw one in Texas and after a little scrolling and clicking saw one in my home town I lived in and started to get excited!! Take Me Deeper Crop in Irving Texas!!! What a blessing; so I attended and loved it.

Weeks later I was attending my new Church that the crop lady took me to and there was an event called Evangleism at the Park and I was very interested. So I got a ride (do not have car for now) and I met a wonderful lady named Lilly and she asked me you dont scrapbook do you and of course I was like uhh, yeah i do so she invited me to her at home crop and it works out to where I can attend both crops!!!!

I attended Lillys and so much fun I loved it too GOD had blessed me with two crops I had not even been expecting !


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