Take Me Deeper- my description

Hello, today I wanted to share a wonderful group I discovered on facebook of all places. It has such wonderful, authentic, genuine ladies and men. The group is funded and hosted by http://www.his-kingdom-come.com and is called Take Me Deeper. This group is primarlily made up of many (about 1,144) ladies in the actual hkc group and they are awesome . When I found the fb group I was excited and immediatly signed up!!

Every week you are given a verse and there is a theme each month . Like gratitude was last months and we would get corresponding or cohesive verses that touched on that theme — so you paste in your printed scripture and do some art reflective of that verse it can even have the verse in the art itself.

Months ago I was on HKC and had been getting ideas off of the site when I saw a area marked forums. I thought hmm, never have anything from my state on there. Ol well ill give it a little look why not . BAM not only my state but even my town –wow i was so surprised and so I commented and signed up for a crop a TMD crop in my town and I that is how I met Merri Dennis Johnson of HKC and TMD. Such am amazing group of real artistic people !

Later that same year I found a sweet lady name Lilly (also known as Lolly) and she at a church event invited me to another devotional / crop on a differnt day also every month like Merries.

Lastly, there is another group called LOGOS also by HKC and it means “word” in greek and in this one you are given by self or god a single word in which you base all your art work on and so it also has monthly themes with verses.

I really hope I have done HKC, TMD, and LOGOS justice because it is a great, fun, Godly, and blessed group of people. A special thank you to all of the people at His Kingdom Come.


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