Merri Dennis Johnson Interview

Whoever is gracious enough to read please welcome Merri Dennis Johnson of His Kingdom Come to our blog!! ( I sat down with Merri and this is what I discovered.

  1. I asked Merri when did she begin blogging? She responded back in 1998.
  2. What were some of the issues she faced back then? Merri replied  formats for postsand organizing her content.
  3. How did you get connected with HKC? She said Diane Marra found her blog and was hooked. Merri began a blog originally named
  4. I asked Merri how long has she been scrapbooking? SHe said since her first Son was born.
  5. I asked her about her family and she happily told me she has been married to Jay for 28 years and has two sons Cole and Jaron with him.
  6. I asked what advice does she have for new bloggers? She said if your gonna continue go for a self hosted site.
  7. I also asked what was her all – time fave project and she thoughtfully said a memorial album she made for her brother.
  8. IS merri a regular/hybrid/or digital scrapper you may ask ? Merri says she would like to go all digital but for now remains a hybrid.
  9. I questioned what is her messiest area of the home and she gleamed oh my craft desk must be it !!!
  10. Lastly Merri recommends for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the blog world.

Merri is an admin at his kindgon come and part of the group hkc take me deeper facebook group. Special thanks to Merri Dennis Johnson for allowing me to interview her and it was a pleasure!!


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