On the Go Gals

I recently started attending two crops (what a blessing)! So I figured other people besides myself could use a crop list.

I reccomend buying or finding a large crop bag for packing your goodies in–here are just a few things you will need:

Lots of paper




BTW– I pre plan all of my layouts on paper ahead of time and that helps me save time !


For Grandma


Have you ever had Grandparents and thought (whether passed away or alive) I should make an ancestry album for them? It has been a challenge trying to get pictures from my family. So what to do ? Do I just not do a tribute to them or hmmm a better idea emerged….

What about a mini book for each gp ?I could put theyre birthdate, birth place, places worked, and hobbies — one per person each Grandparent would have a whole mini book all about them!!! I know this is a simple done to death idea but for some reason it clicked with me.

So far, I have three photos and the chipboard covers and a couple of papers. I am obviously in the beginning steps. I will keep everyone posted how it is going! (thanks for reading )

Pocket Pages

I am on a facebook group that makes what they call “pocket pages”. They have swaps on this group. So I signed up for one ! Then I got a cool idea for one I would do all kinds of techniques. Brandy was the name of my swap partner and she mailed me a really pretty pink pp-(pocket page) Oh — in case you did not know a pocket page is when you take a refill page that goes in project life and fill it with little cards, ribbon, letters, tea bags etc whatever will fit!!! It has been so much fun!

Crop Hop

Let me take you back. I had been involved in His Kingdom Come website which is http://www.his-kingdom-come.com. I was trying to get ideas and came across an area marked forums and went past it came back and thought why not. Then I saw an area that said crops and I immediatly thought never in my area not in Texas. Bam ! I saw one in Texas and after a little scrolling and clicking saw one in my home town I lived in and started to get excited!! Take Me Deeper Crop in Irving Texas!!! What a blessing; so I attended and loved it.

Weeks later I was attending my new Church that the crop lady took me to and there was an event called Evangleism at the Park and I was very interested. So I got a ride (do not have car for now) and I met a wonderful lady named Lilly and she asked me you dont scrapbook do you and of course I was like uhh, yeah i do so she invited me to her at home crop and it works out to where I can attend both crops!!!!

I attended Lillys and so much fun I loved it too GOD had blessed me with two crops I had not even been expecting !

Take Me Deeper- my description

Hello, today I wanted to share a wonderful group I discovered on facebook of all places. It has such wonderful, authentic, genuine ladies and men. The group is funded and hosted by http://www.his-kingdom-come.com and is called Take Me Deeper. This group is primarlily made up of many (about 1,144) ladies in the actual hkc group and they are awesome . When I found the fb group I was excited and immediatly signed up!!

Every week you are given a verse and there is a theme each month . Like gratitude was last months and we would get corresponding or cohesive verses that touched on that theme — so you paste in your printed scripture and do some art reflective of that verse it can even have the verse in the art itself.

Months ago I was on HKC and had been getting ideas off of the site when I saw a area marked forums. I thought hmm, never have anything from my state on there. Ol well ill give it a little look why not . BAM not only my state but even my town –wow i was so surprised and so I commented and signed up for a crop a TMD crop in my town and I that is how I met Merri Dennis Johnson of HKC and TMD. Such am amazing group of real artistic people !

Later that same year I found a sweet lady name Lilly (also known as Lolly) and she at a church event invited me to another devotional / crop on a differnt day also every month like Merries.

Lastly, there is another group called LOGOS also by HKC and it means “word” in greek and in this one you are given by self or god a single word in which you base all your art work on and so it also has monthly themes with verses.

I really hope I have done HKC, TMD, and LOGOS justice because it is a great, fun, Godly, and blessed group of people. A special thank you to all of the people at His Kingdom Come.

Amber Horn –The Interview

  1. How long have you been scrapbooking ? one year
  2. How did you come about scrapbooking? I started out using planners and decorating and then project life and now scrapbooking.
  3. I prefer project life
  4. How long have you been blogging? Approx. 6 or 7 years
  5. I am currently getting involved in process videos
  6. I have two children name Avery and Suzanne
  7. My advice for newbies is “be honest, Be real”
  8. Digital/regular/ hybrid? regular scrapper
  9. Amber says she “loves the process of putting it together theraputic almost”
  10. I confided in her that latley (over a year) I seems to have lost the joy in my process — she agreed that she has had that happen to her as well and when it does she steps back and gives it a break. (in case you did not know i did that for 3 months no crafting )
  11. What is her new thing? Amber is trying to create her very own stamps!!! (cant wait to view them and use them)
  12. She is also into hand lettering and mixed media plus bible art
  13. Favorite artists are …. Stephanie Ackerman of Documented Faith and Heather Greenwood.
  14. How often does she craft? 1-2 days a week
  15. She as like Merri recommends getting her very own domain name —www.amberhorn.com

Special thank you to Amber Horn for the awesome interview !!!!

thanks amber

Merri Dennis Johnson Interview

Whoever is gracious enough to read please welcome Merri Dennis Johnson of His Kingdom Come to our blog!! (his-kingdom-come.com) I sat down with Merri and this is what I discovered.

  1. I asked Merri when did she begin blogging? She responded back in 1998.
  2. What were some of the issues she faced back then? Merri replied  formats for postsand organizing her content.
  3. How did you get connected with HKC? She said Diane Marra found her blog and was hooked. Merri began a blog originally named http://www.biblecraftsandactivites.com
  4. I asked Merri how long has she been scrapbooking? SHe said since her first Son was born.
  5. I asked her about her family and she happily told me she has been married to Jay for 28 years and has two sons Cole and Jaron with him.
  6. I asked what advice does she have for new bloggers? She said if your gonna continue go for a self hosted site.
  7. I also asked what was her all – time fave project and she thoughtfully said a memorial album she made for her brother.
  8. IS merri a regular/hybrid/or digital scrapper you may ask ? Merri says she would like to go all digital but for now remains a hybrid.
  9. I questioned what is her messiest area of the home and she gleamed oh my craft desk must be it !!!
  10. Lastly Merri recommends http://www.writethirtyonedays.com for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the blog world.

Merri is an admin at his kindgon come and part of the group hkc take me deeper facebook group. Special thanks to Merri Dennis Johnson for allowing me to interview her and it was a pleasure!!