An Interview with- Eyelet Outlet

Suzanne of shares how she got into the Scrapbooking Industry.
1. When and how did you get into the scrapbooking industry? 2001 i started selling on eBay.  I had 300  auctions a day with just round eyelets .  In 2003 i opened our retail website, a year or so later we opened our wholesale website
2. Why did you decide to get into the scrapbooking industry? I was a stamper and had always scrapbooked the old way
3.How long have you been open? above
4. How did you come about your name;  Eyelet Outlet? I wanted something that was easy to spell and simple to remember
5. What was your first big order that told you – frankly that you had “hit” it big? The first time we went to the  wholesale show CHA- it was actually called something else back then
6. What were some of your issues when getting started? When i first started we lived on a air force base.  Space for all the product was at a minimum.  I was paying neighborhood kids to count and pack round eyelets for me.
7. How do you advertise?  It used to be allot of magazine advertising.  Now most of the magazines have gone digital or out of business.  Allot of our customers meet us at one of the more than 40 consumer shows we do a year.  We also get found in google searches
8. What made you decide to sell of all things eyelets and brads?  I was a crafter that was buying eyelets so decided to buy them in bulk for better deals and sell of the extra.  When scrapbooking changed and brads started becoming popular i started designing and adding them to the line.  Although our site now has more shaped brads we still sell millions of round eyelets a year.
9. Do you yourself scrapbook or do crafty things? I enjoy crafts but with the business and 5 kids i rarely have time to enjoy it.  I am crafty when i design our displays or samples
10. Do you intend at any point to delve into other scrapbooking trends or expand? Every year we tend to pick up a few more items; this year we added enamel dots and sticky back bling.  We are always keeping an eye on what’s new and hot

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