Long Awaited Interview with Beth Solers of Scrapping Wonders!

  1. When did you  begin scrapbooking? I started in 1999 a year after my first son was born. I started like most people did back then with Creative Memories and I fell in love with the whole process of documenting are families history.
  2. What drew you to this hobby? The ability to preserve our memories and the fun I had doing it. I truly enjoy scrapbooking and paper crafting. I am able to get as creative as I want with my layouts.
  3. Where have you been published? I have not been published. I am not a designer and I tend to have a very simple style of scrapbooking. Plus I usually have more than one photo on a layout so I don’t have tons of embellishments on my layouts.
  4. What year did you begin your cool blog? I started my site in 2012 and it has been a ton of fun a huge learning lesson for me.
  5. What goals do you have for your blog “Scrapping Wonders”? Making some money of course! My main goal is to teach and help people get those photos off of their phones and into albums. The majority of people use their cellphones as camears now but they aren’t getting the photos off of their phones. I want to teach them how to get their photos off quickly and easily. Making money at what I am doing is a plus and a goal of mine.
  6. What is your favorite tool? Hmmmm this is a hard one! Probably my trimmer and next would be my Cricut.
  7. Favorite Paper Line or Company? Close To My Heart as I am now a consultant for them. I am also a huge fan of Websters Pages and Heidi Swapp.
  8. Are you Married (and how long and name) I am not married but have been with my honey for the past 3 and half years and he is the best man in the whole wide world.
  9. Do you have children? I have three; I have a 15 year old boy, a 6 year old girl and an 8 month old boy.
  10. If so, what does your Husband and Children think of your scrapping wonders blog? My honey is the one that pushed me to start my site and to get back into scrapbooking. I had taken a huge break for a quite a while after I had my daughter. The kids think it is cool and the oldest one actually tells his friends.
  11. Ages of children, self, and hubby? My honey and I are both 34 years old, we joke all the time because I am exactly one month older then him. My daughter & youngest son were both born during the month of January and all our birthdays are within days of each other. My daughter is the 11th, my baby is the 12th and I am the 14th. We are very busy in January!
  12. What do you do for a living? I currently do not have a full-time job outside of my website, but I do teach part-time at my local college in the evenings.
  13. 1 Do you enjoy it, how long have you been doing it? I love teaching and have a ton of fun teaching my students.
  14. What tools /lines have you had trouble with? The only tool that I have ever had a problem with is the 3×4 We R Memory Keepers Punch, it is a tad hard to use. Other than that all my tools are pretty awesome!
  15. How many scrapbooks have you created? Hmmmmm tons, I think I have a total of 20 albums at this point.
  16. What is your favorite color? Cobalt blue is my favorite but I love all blue, next is gray and then pink.
  17. What is your favorite saying? “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one” Dr. Wayne Dyer
  18. What one dream are you aspiring to do ? I want to have a class on Big Picture Classes.
  19. What did your parents do for a living (my Mom was an artist)? My dad was a landscaper and my mom was a social worker.
  20. Are you a Christian – (why or why not) Yes I am! I love God and have Faith in him to provide and take care of my family.

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