We are going to Re- Visit Getting Kids Back into Crafts

I had to brainstorm this one. I mean, they used to love arts and crafts now – well, they are repelled by it!!! So, here are a few ideas on how to regain some order and allow the kids to get into the arts again:

  1. Take one of their hobbies and scrapbook it for them
  2. Use their favorite colors on a project
  3. Let them write and draw  on your lay out
  4. See if they will experiement with different art forms such as
  • clay
  • ribbon
  • jewelry
  • play-doh
  • canvas
  • sketch book

I hope that giving them art supplies and a blank canvas would do the trick but it seems my kids are off the craft for awhile!!! YIKES! Maybey the above would help your younger ones to get back to the love of crafting?


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