Time For A Reality Check!

In case you guys did not know I have been on a Scrapbook Break!! Yep, I know hard to believe!!! I am still gathering ideas, and writing daily in my blogs, but no sb ing! I noticed that while I was scrapbooking my layouts I would feel very bored, used up, and sort of like an overload of crafts. Does that make any sense I was growing tired of it. I had done so much I couldn’t think of any new ideas hardly!!! So, I decided NO SCRAPBOOKING from September – November 2014. So far I went all of September doing no scrapbooking! Feels kinda good to step back and do other more pressing things. Latley I have been cleaning more and spend my free time organizing and planning my blogs. I do enjoy that most of the time. Just to keep everyone in the know here is a list of all my blogs and who knows maybey yall will like one or two!

SO, there is the list for yall! Btw- So you can learn about them without the hassle of visiting the cea is crafts the keepcalm is crafts, the famous is a Christian Blog, and last surviving sweeties is my MOM BLOG!!!

Feel free to let me know if your interested in becoming a contributor or in doing an interview!! Also, keep me posted in how your scrapbooking is going- are you also taking a break, or thriving and loving your crafty time.


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