Blogger Boards – check!

Over the weekend I had a great idea!!! See I had been wanting to find a way to keep up with my blogging. I tried folder, fell out I tried binder – ok I guess. What I was really searching for was something to layout all my posts and contributors and goals!!! I searched the internet 3 times on different google searches = nothing.

Then it hit me I could try again the hanging file folder idea but change it by opening them (2) both up and hot gluing them slightly overlapping so I had a large area. My file folders were red and ugly green. I used red and ended up making two separate board totaling 4 hanging file folders. It turned out perfect!!!! Here are my sections:

  • Posts
  • Goals
  • Contributors
  • notepad- ( for additional posts to be done)
  • Schedule of when to post

I did one for craftyeverafter and one for

As soon as I get my laptop back (2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!) I will make sure and post a picture of each.


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