Stamp Smudges!

I love to add a stamped image or especially sentiments to my cards but I absolutely HATE it when I get smudges on my cards! I think It looks so messy, and not at all professional! Nothing seems to get these off- NO MORE!!! From this point on I am going to experiement with what will finally remove these little stains.

Here is a list of what I am going to try:

  1. alchohal
  2. bleach
  3. white out
  4. hairspray
  5. nail polish remover
  6. baking soda
  7. baking powder!

To keep in the know of how my little project if going look for this sign wherever you go on the blog and it will tell you I am working on the smudge issue ferverenlty!!!

smudge - stock illustration


I tried the above methods for getting stamp smudges out but no luck- the only thing that erased or covered was white – out !!!I hoped baking powder would work but it did not. The “white”-out I used was actually buff colored and said so on the bottle(given to me by my Dad) so it covered nicely but white out does not always look professional on a card or layout!!!I even went a step further and tried out my stamp cleaner on the smudges – still there. A friend of mine recommended covering up the smudge with an embellishment or more matching paper which I have done before. So, sorry I could not find a new cleaning solution!!! A little disappointed that there is nothing on the market to get out those pesky stains!!! btw I did not remember to use nail polish remover – will do that next and keep yall in the know.


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