Hitting it Big!

I had a question about where to find design classes. I want to one day create my own product, but for now just learing about scrapbook layout design and principles is enough. So, where does one go to learn more about all things crafty? I have found two wonderful resources that I highly suggest:

  1. getitscrapped.com    by Debbie Hodge
  2. Big Picture Classes    by Not Sure
  3. thedigitalscrapper.com

Out of the above three #1 is my all time favorite!!! Get It Scrapped offers courses for 20.00- 150.00 dollars but here is what I love – they offer FREE CLASSES on all kinds of stuff!!! From Story-telling,journaling, design, planning, to sketches too. The classes are usually self-paced, which is very handy with me having two kids in tow.

Big Picture Classes (hope I got that right name) offers a few free courses and they are great offering design principls such as contrast, shading, lines, patternes, and light. They like get it scrapped also offer a few high dollar courses as well. Money well spent if you ask me.

As for the Digital Scrapper, it is unique and for that matter so is the-lily-pad.com another good site! I think they offer a few courses. I find it very liberating to learn new techniques at this site. As you can assume from their name they are focusing primarlily on digital scrapping but not only that they have information for all scrappers as well as the digital.

Cant forget my all time favorite site of all – SCRAPBOOK.COM  LOVE it and they also offer 2-6 course at a time that you can freely choose to participate in! As with all good things they must come to an end but now with all this information I say for you my friend it is just the beginning….

Happy Learning!

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