Me & My Crazy Printer!!!

Years ago (like 7 or more) I was graciously given by my Dad a Hewlett Packard Color C3100 Series Printer, Copier, Scanner all in one !!!! I was thrilled! It worked really good, not great. The thing is the printer gets paper jams really easily!!! I feed a sheet into the printer one by one -nope! Won’t print. I try putting all the paper in the “tray”  after carefully fanning it all a couple of times- Nope! Wont print. Years later, I am sick to death of this piece of crap. It rarely does print but when it does… eh? SO this year for Christmas from either my Dad (again) or my Fiance Glen (hearts) I am asking for a –

CANON PHOTO PRINTER!!! I hear from a photographer friend of mine that canon is excellent in all ways the cameras and printers are top notch!! Now, if anyone has experience with these and thinks they may not be all that PLEASE COMMENT below or email me with a better suggestion! It has to be a – Combination printer, scanner and maybey copier not so much on the copier but has to have scanner of some kind!!!

Thanks you guys and I for your own sanitys sake hope to GOD you never have to deal with the headache of a stupid printer ever!!!


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