Before I even begin to elaborate on the telling of my inky story let me just say:

Fact- I love using spray ink by all different brands. My fave is dylusions, and anything Ranger Ink. I like to occasionally work in my art journal and use stencils and spray the ink over them. They yield vivid results and make great background papers.

So, one night I decide to break out my ink. I made some pretty art journal pages in blue and green. Turned out pretty good, It was late and my coffee pot was empty so I figured I would hit the sack. Next morning, I get up and do my usual routine. It is Sunday now, and I am getting ready for Church. I show up and as I hand my Daughter’s bag to her I notice ink stains- on my fingers!!! How embarrassing I thought, of course Glen my finace hated that and got all rude. I wondered what I must look like to the other guests at the Church. For the rest of the day I tried to hide my hands the best I could!!

In my experience with spray inks I have seen dripping, cloggled nozzle pumps stop and quit spraying. What a pain in the butt. I mean , I own a pink faux leather journal , I wanted to alter it. One night a while back I decided to use it as my prayer journal. I began misting purple, and blue over a pretty template or stencil. It looked pretty. Let it :”DRY”, and voila a new cover. Days later I went to use it and got mist all over my hands!!!! What the heck ? To this day whenever I get it out the ink still (weeks later) gets on my hands. I cannot figure this out, now I think it is because of the texture of the journal. Either way, I wanted to share with you guys the inks and outs of my inky stained day. Ideally, I would like a thin, even, color that is washable! Have you ever tried to get out ink stains – not fun! There has got to be a clear fixative or something I can use. Good luck with your next project and remember do not wear nice clothes while using your spray ink!!!

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