Adventures in Flocking!

Alright, I bought some Doodlebug Design flocking powder, almost got the matching sequins-so cute! But I stopped myself I had no idea of the coming trouble I mean, come on  there they were 12 tiny, itty, bitty see thru glass jars  with cute silver lids. Beckonig me. I had no concern or regard for the unknown catastrophy  that lurked behind the next glue stick! I carefully stamped my image with Versamark ink, gingerly opened the first bottle of flocking, and proceeded to “pour” out some powder, Well let me tell you it was messy, sticky, smushed,and difficult to work with! I noticed it sticks to adhesive but not so much the versamark ink. I was searching for a throuogly even smooth coating but what I received was blotchy, smudged and uneven. It took me back to a time when my Mother and I wanted a flocked Christmas tree!  We used to go to Wolfe Nursery to pick one out Good times, good times.  ha ha Yes, this flocking may seem all pretty and cute and so well, innocent: But beware it is a pain to work with! The flocking itself is fluffy, and light , and clumpy. I by no means am suggesting that Doodlebug Design is responsible for this I just wanted to share my adventures in flocking that I had.


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