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Learn Digital Scrapbooking ClassI’m Linda Sattgast, Adobe’s scrapbooking expert, and I’m here to tell you that you can learn digital scrapbooking using Photoshop Elements and learn it fast!

Many scrapbookers are self-taught and never know about the holes in their knowledge. They’re amazed at the easier ways to do things and the shortcuts that save them time.

If you’ve had enough of random information gleaned here and there, or if you’ve never had the courage to create a page of your own, then you’re in the right place!

I’ve carefully constructed this class to give you a solid foundation in digital scrapbooking that will grow in a logical progression from the very first lesson—all the important information you’ll need is covered.

It’s a proven fact that people learn better when they practice what they’re learning, so after just a few short videos, you’ll start creating your own scrapbook pages. I promise I’ll make it drop-dead simple. (You’re going to love how beautiful your pages look!)

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Class

Introduction (8 video lessons)

You’ll feel right at home after I introduce you to the Photoshop Elements program and desktop. I don’t assume you know anything, so relax and enjoy the tour! Find out what Preferences should be changed so you don’t run into confusion later on, and get acquainted with the key parts of Photoshop Elements—I’ll even show you how I customize the desktop to make working with it easier.

Once you’re feeling comfortable and ready to get started, we’ll cover four ways to open photos, including helpful keyboard shortcuts for opening more than one photo at a time. I’ll walk you through several ways to display your photos on the Photoshop Elements desktop so you can work with them better, and I’ll share my 3 most used and must-know keyboard shortcuts that will make viewing and working with your photos a piece of cake!

And finally, I’ll introduce you to the three main file formats we use in digital scrapbooking, and clear up the mystery of layers. (This is one of the most confusing concepts for newbies, but it’s really quite simple.)

PNG Templates (5 video lessons)

I believe in learning by doing, so in this series of lessons, I’ll teach you some concepts and then give you a chance to try them out yourself—by making your first scrapbook page! Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Learn 4 ways to move your photos and scrapbooking files onto your scrapbook page and arrange and resize them to your liking. Each way of moving files has its unique advantage, so it’s important to be familiar with all of them.
  • If you’ve ever been confused by resolution, you’ll love my easy-to-grasp lesson about how resolution works!
  • Get better acquainted with layers in the Layers panel. (Seriously, it’s not hard, and you’ll soon feel like an expert.)
  • Learn how to resize your photos and files so they fit the way you want them to without getting distorted. (You can always spot a newbie by their distorted photos or graphics, so don’t let that happen to you.)

Next I’ll walk you step by step through creating your first scrapbook page, including adding some fun word art. By now, you’ve already learned the skills you need to do this, but I’ll review and demonstrate all the steps again so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything as you work. (It’s a rockin’ page, and you’re going to have fun with it!)

The last lesson in this section will show you how to save your brand new page as a layered document that you can open and adjust at any time.

Posting Pages in an Online Gallery (5 video lessons)

Once you start creating pages, you’ll want to post them in our online gallery and enjoy the encouraging comments from your fellow scrappers. You’ll learn:

  • How and where to keep track of designer information so you’ll have it at your fingertips when it comes time to post the designer credits for your page in the gallery
  • How to resize and prepare your page for uploading to the gallery, including how to install and use my “Gallery Action” that resizes your page perfectly with the click of a button (a way cool time-saver!)
  • The difference between saving files normally and saving for web—without this important step most galleries will reject your post
  • How to successfully post your page in our gallery
  • How to edit your post if you see a mistake after it’s already uploaded (saves you embarrassment, and it’s quite simple to do!)
  • How to link to your gallery page in a forum

Type Techniques (8 video lessons)

Almost every scrapbook page has a title and journaling or quote. Let your page or card stand out from the pack with well crafted type that follows best practices. You’ll learn how to:

  • Manipulate your type by moving it, changing the color, rotating it, resizing it, etc.
  • Use text boxes and change the space between the lines
  • Select and work with multiple layers of type at the same time
  • Find great scrapbooking fonts online, and learn how to unzip and install them
  • Avoid the 7 deadly type sins that scream “beginner!”

You’ll also get to put your new skills to use as you create your 2nd scrapbook page.

P.S. From now on, you’ll be building a brand new scrapbook page with each of these units. This will give you confidence as you move forward and make sure that everything you learn will be cemented in your mind for the future.

Selections & Shadows (8 video lessons)

In this section, I’ll introduce you to the versatile Marquee and Lasso selection tools. You’ll learn the answer to one of the top questions newbies ask, which is how to crop a single layer within your document. (Hint: Don’t use the Crop tool.)

You’ll practice using selections by creating a whimsical star and a cute notched ribbon.

We’ll also cover drop shadows and layer styles in this section. You’ll learn how to install the drop shadow layer style I created for you, which lets you add a drop shadow to any layer by just double clicking on a style. (These are drop shadows that actually look good as opposed to the default shadows that come with Photoshop Elements.)

Grayscale Templates (8 video lessons)

In this lesson you’ll graduate from using the simplest of scrapbook templates (PNG templates) to creating your pages with Grayscale templates, which put YOU in the driver’s seat, giving you the artistic freedom to change the design, if you wish. You’ll also:

  • Discover what a clipping mask is and how to use it to take all the work out of turning your photos and papers into well-designed shapes on a scrapbook page
  • Create your own alpha letters using clipping masks
  • Practice customizing a template
  • Use Levels to adjust the look of your scrapbook papers
  • And use dingbats and ornaments found in fonts as page decorations.

In other words, you’ll be taking more and more control of your scrapbook page and feeling totally confident doing it!

Shapes & Strokes (8 video lessons)

Do you know the difference between vector and pixel images? In this section we’ll explore the amazing Shape tools, including the Custom Shape tool. You’ll practice combining and manipulating shapes to create an elegant journaling mat that you’ll use on the scrapbook page for this section.

You’ll also learn how to create stroke outlines that are attached to a layer as a layer style or that stand alone on separate layers. A stroke outline can often be the finishing touch for a scrapbook page, so you’ll be glad to have this design element in your bag of scrapbooking tricks.

Color & Duplicating (6 video lessons)

By now you’re already creating awesome scrapbook pages, but there’s more fun to come in this section on color and duplicating!

You’ll learn how to choose a color and fill part or all of a layer with color using some handy dandy shortcuts. (Avoid the Paint Bucket tool for this. These shortcuts are so much easier and more effective.) And you’ll learn how to use Hue/Saturation to change color and preserve texture at the same time, giving you many more options.

Then learn the six (count them!) methods to duplicate something in Photoshop Elements. I use different methods at different times, and so will you, which is why it’s good to know your options! Knowing and exercising your choices is what sets you apart as a confident scrapbooker.

Brush Tool Basics (4 video lessons)

Our last section will focus on the Brush tool. I’ve included 5 brush sets for you to practice with. You’ll learn how to:

  • Load a brush without removing the default set of brushes
  • Install a brush inside Photoshop Elements, if it’s one you intend to use often
  • And make use of a variety of shortcuts that make using the Brush tool easy and fun

And now, at last, you’ll be creating your final page from scratch! No template, just you and the kit. (I’ll give you some guidance, of course.) This will be page #7 in this lesson series, so by now you’ll be ready and raring to go!

By this time you’ll hardly remember what it felt like to blunder around in Photoshop Elements! You’ll be confident and capable and ready to jump out of the nest and fly on your own. If you never learned another thing, you’d still be able to move ahead on your own, creating wonderful scrapbook pages!

Here’s what class members have said about this class:

New To Digital Scrapbooking:

“Being totally new to PSE, I have been having ‘Aha!’ moments every few minutes! My family has now given up worrying that something is wrong when they hear me squealing “Woohoo!”
Helen Ash,
England, UK

Experienced Digital Scrapbooker:

“I have wow moments every time I watch a video, and I have been digiscrapping since 2005. ”
Ngaire McPherson
Oxford, New Zealand

“I have had so many AHA moments, NO WAY moments, REALLY! moments, AWESOME moments and I-can’t-believe-that-I-can-do-that moments since I started this class. These tutorials are fantastic.”

Renee Diprose
St Albert, Alberta Canada

Here’s what you’ll receive as a class member:Learn Digital Scrapbooking Class

  • You’ll feel like you’re in my living room looking over my shoulder as I demonstrate every step.
  • You have Forever Access to the class, so you can watch the video lessons according to your schedule.
  • The videos are short (around five minutes each), making them easy to watch in small cracks of time.
  • I’ve included a step-by-step PDF manual for every lesson, making it a breeze to review the concepts.
  • The online classroom is always there waiting for you.
  • All the class videos, manuals, and files for scrapbooking (including a beautiful kit by Bella Gypsy and word art by Jen White) are downloadable. That’s right, they’re yours to keep.
  • You’ll never feel stranded or alone because you’ll have unlimited email access to an expert if you have a question about any of the lessons. And here’s my promise: If we can’t help you figure out the problem by email, we’ll share desktops with you and show you what to do. (I’ve only had to do this a couple of times, but it’s available if you need it.)
  • Mac or Windows? All lessons are taught for both!
  • Note: Lessons and class materials as described are for Photoshop Elements 11 & 12. This class is also offered for Photoshop CS and for earlier versions of Elements. The exact class materials/class kit and number and type of lessons will vary for those versions. (You’ll choose your version when you sign up.)

You Are My Happy kit by Bella Gypsy

Invest in Yourself

Right now, your investment in becoming a confident and competent scrapbooker is only $57.

I know I could charge a lot more for the 60 videos, step-by-step written manuals, and generous kit, templates, graphics, and other goodies, but I want it to be affordable for anyone who is ready to learn. I can’t guarantee that this terrific price will last forever, so don’t delay — sign up now!

Premier Members: Remember to use this month’s coupon code to take 10% off the class price.



webbiking-by-the-lake.jpgThese two layouts are just a couple of things you can do !

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