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1. Create your Big Benefit
and reward board.
2. Learn more about the
4 Section System.
3.  Create your Themes &
Sentiments List.
4. Start Gathering
5. Prepare to Purge
6. Go Public
7. Evaluate your Space
8. Join the FB Group
9. Post your progress
10. Enjoy your reward

Have you signed up to join the Get Organized Challenge Group on FB?

Have you downloaded your workbook?

Setting yourself up for success!
      “Well begun is half done.”
Aristotle and Mary Poppins

It’s so important to set yourself up for success before you begin a project, and an organization project is no exception.
This week we talked about getting yourself ready to get organized.  Creating a motivational Big Benefit board and gathering your supplies together are just a couple of the steps to take in the process.
Here are the links we discussed in class:

4 Section System – Article and Video

Themes and Sentiments – Sample List

Workbook – PDF Version

Watch the recorded version of today’s class

Thanks for watching!  I’m looking forward to reading your progress posts!


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