Reality Check Wednesday!!

I will be up front and honest with yall; I had no clue what to write about in this section. I knew when I started this section that I wanted an area where people could feel free to discuss things other than scrapbooking. It can range from raising children to having pets, to car trouble, relationships are important to discuss, or even other hobbies. So I was a total loss for what to write this time so I think I will go with a topic very close to my heart-my kids (plural intended) NOW I have to warn you this is very complicated life at times. So what to write I know!! This topic is something I need to learn so I am going to give you information about raising multiple kids!! I have two and Cody is 13 and Kaili is 9 but you never know what could be on the horizon!!! It is so important to me to learn how to correctly care for multiple kids. Here is an article on the subject.

Taking Care of Multiple Children
By Jonathan Pitts | Parenting | Rating:

Managing multiple kids can be fun and also be stressful at the same time. If the kids are of the same age then it might still be easy because you know how to deal with them and what are they seeking. However, if the kids are of different age groups then understanding their individual requirements and also coping up with them can be a bit difficult. Here are some ways in which you can take care of multiple kids easily.

The first thing that you should understand is that each kid is different from the other and has his or her individual needs and wishes. You cannot relate the thinking of one kid with another. So, first try and understand what each kid thinks. As a parent, it is important for you to know the direction in which your kid thinks. Take out some time and understand your kid right from the beginning.

The next important thing is that you should take out some time for every kid and play; you should have individual attention for each kid. Bear in mind that kids are after all kids and developing jealousy is a natural tendency in them, so it is important that you show the same affection towards each of your kids. Take out some time for each one of them and spend time knowing what did they do the whole day and how did they spend their time.

Another aspect that should be focused on with multiple kids is their bonding and loving their siblings. Fights always happen but as parents you should know how to explain things to your kids and sort their matter. Always listen to them and make sure that you take the right decision and explain the fault of the kids and make them realize where they are wrong. Kids can be molded in the way you want, so you need to focus more on their upbringing.

If you have teenagers then it is again important that you befriend them and understand their problems. It is a period wherein kids often become stubborn and revolt against parents. However, if you understand them and deal with them patiently then things can definitely be better. Take out separate time for family bonding and make sure that all the family members are present. This helps kids come close to each other and also to the parents. So, assign a time during the day where everyone is present and you can have family talks or activities.

Comparison is another thing that results in problems in families with multiple children. It is very important that no matter whatever be the case you should never make comparisons between your children. This can only lead to problems and can also result in the child developing inferiority complex. Hence, you should treat each child of yours’ in a special manner and make all of them feel loved equally so that there is no difference between each of your kids and that they are given equal importance.



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