Back To School Tuesdays

Alright, is it just me or is everyone feeling nostalgic? I remember when my kids wanted even needed me to be there on they’re 1st Day of School!! If you are still lucky enough to be at that point – cherish it!!! It doesn’t last long.  My children started back to school a couple of weeks ago…. ALONE! Yep I currently do not have a car so they’re Aunt takes them and my Son (by no surprise ) did not need me -hey hes 13 what do we expect? BUT when my 9 yr old Daughter was preparing to enter 4th grade this year and I requested to go with her  aunt I was told it is inconvient!!! Now, I know she is growing up but I really wanted to go with her. My fiancé, Glen (the aunts brother) agreed with her not me. I am making too big of a deal out of this I am sure. As far as I know everything went fine. But I did not get a 1st Day Photo like I do every year!!! I missed out on an important part of they’re life!!

A moment passes, and unless your there to witness it …. its ….GONE. Forever. All that remains is but a memory.

Special note to Cody-

My Sweet Codybear,

I may have missed your first day into 8th grade but we will have many more special times together matter to me and always will. I  look forward to watching you grow into a smart, capable, young man. You  I love you and  I miss you.

My Precious Kaili Girl,

I wanted to be there for you on your first day of 4th grade, but I missed it, and I miss you every day we are apart is an  important part of me  has departed. No matter how often we see eachother or how many days we may be apart – you have always been part of my soul and I will never leave that behind!



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