Reality Check – #2

Alright , I can here you now: “I thought this was supposed to be a break from scrapbooking”? Well technically it is!! This week we are going to be learning more about journaling! First lets acknowledge a few really original and informative sites:


Assign a Journal Category


In Journella, you can create as many different journals as you would like!

You can write all your thoughts and memories in one place; but, keep them all separate & easy to find. Think of it this way… You can have a journal to write memories from your childhood, a journal to write about things you are grateful for, a journal to keep notes about your job, journals to remember the funny things your kids say… (the list never has to end!)  Better yet, if one of your entries mentions two subjects (say your job and your family) you can save that entry under both subjects.


When you have completed a journal entry, click on the orange tag icon at the top of the screen. (See image below)


Journal 52-

Journal52 is a FREE year-long art journal workshop hosted by Chelle Stein that will inspire you to create all year long with 52 weekly prompts starting January 6th to help you tell your story artfully.

Getting started is easy – you do not need to purchase any special or expensive supplies.

We recommend using a standard sized 3 ring binder so you can easily add papers and pieces to your project.

Click Here to Learn More About Creating Your Journal

Once you’ve gathered up your basic supplies, follow along here on our blog for weekly prompts. To be notified of new posts by email, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed Here.

We recommend to stay updated and to get to know others who are doing Journal52 to join our group on Facebook. It’s not mandatory – but it will be fun we promise! We’re also in the process of starting a Pinterest Board to keep you inspired! Follow Chelle Stein on Pinterest.

We hope you enjoy Journal52 and we can’t wait to see what you create!

So, there you have it my favorite sites for journaling! One cool thing to always remember : THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN ART JOURNALING!

That’s right .. only re-inventions! Know what I mean? So go ahead get out a pen and paper and start somewhere -ANYWHERE! If you would dare to want more information on journaling search or or come back to cea and ask away .

!! Thanks again for reading and have a great week!!


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