Relish the Embellish.!

This is a repeating category that will have content added weekly in the same area. We will review or study a new embellishment each week Isn’t that exciting? I don’t know about you but it gives me goosbumps! I get all thrilled just thinking of the chance to add another embellishment to my scrapbook tool box!!!ha ha ! Ok, I know I am not alone out there. You know who you are- hee hee!
Moving on, this 1st Week of Relish the Embellish.! we are going to examine … washi tape! I considered wood veneers but I caved and figured yall would prefer to “stick” with washi tape!!!!


Why I Love Washi Tape and You Should, Too No. 15 by Ellen Foord on July 26, 2013 Find It 9Share My ever-growing washi tape collection. I have a weird mental blind spot when it comes to my assumption that everyone in the world knows and loves washi tape. It’s become such an ubiquitous part of my life that when someone gets a blank look on their face when I mention it in conversation, I get a little flabbergasted. I’m so addicted to washi tape, I’ve been known to use “washi” as a verb, as in: “I’m going to washi those paper straws before the party.” You may have noticed my penchant for washi tape in my post about arranging grocery store flowers, considering two of the vases were decorated with it. Purple washi tape and gold glitter tape = pretty DIY vase décor. So, what is washi tape? Simply put, it’s decorative paper tape. Nowadays, there are brands of “washi tape” that are made in the U.S. and China, but most well-known brands of washi tape, like MT, are made in Japan. With washi tape’s growing popularity, you can now also find fabric tape, paper tape, tissue tape — there might be slight variations within all of them and even within those going by washi tape, but for the most part, it’s just decorative tape. Where can you get it? Aside from your local craft store, and increasingly, your local office supply store, you can also check out some of my favorite sources: cutetape Wishy Washi Tape Freckled Fawn Downtown Tape Shop Sweet Lulu Once you have your very own supply of happy washi tape, what can you do with it? Here are a few things I’ve done … Washi tape takes votives from plain to pretty in two seconds flat. Glitter tape makes the perfect flag for paper straws. Boring plastic cups? Make them one of a kind with washi tape for your next bash. And there are a million things I’m dying to try… Want a prettier keyboard like minifanfan‘s? Washi tape. (Featured on HGTV’s Design Happens) Easy Easter egg decorating? Washi tape. (From HGTV’s Design Happens) Pretty up a plain Jane door? Washi tape. (From “10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape” on Tired of boring chargers and cords? Washi tape. (From “10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape” on Make gorgeous magnets like Twirling Betty did? Washi tape. And many, many more — I’m talking about using washi tape to decorate walls, cabinets, floors, create art installations, window displays, dorm rooms, playroom features, etc. etc. Just check out all 10 of the easy, impermanent solutions using washi tape on’s new dorm decor section. Washi tape is EVERYWHERE. And I applaud every single new use I see. I’m on the washi bandwagon and I want everyone else to join the party, too. What have you done with washi tape that the world should know about? – See more at:


colour your monday happy...

washi tape obsessed(so pretty) I think I need a washi fix!

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