Review- The We R Memory Keepers Cinch

First of all let me say that the WRMK brand is outstanding. I have been satisfied with every purchase from this popular brand. I received my Cinch and it was ready to go right out of the box. The Cinch has two versions; the one that I purchased punches circular holes and is blue, while the other punches square or rectangular holes and is pink. I love the variety you get with the wires you can buy to go with it. They come in many sizes and colors. Another thing that makes this such an asset is the fact that you can pull out the pegs allowing several holes to not punch therefore you are never left with a half punched hole!

As much as I love this tool there are a couple of downsides to it. For one, at the back of the machine there is a “cincher” and when you press down on the lever it comes close to flattening the wires too much. This may be partly user – error, but I had trouble making larger books where it requires you to pull out and (gasp) measure where the holes will be placed.  I am not big on measuring!

I suggest that at the back of the Cinch enlarging the numbers which tell what wires should be used. One thing I did notice was that the wire cutters I bought to go with it would not cut as well as expected. There are very few negatives to this machine and I was happy to find that for the most part it was very easy to use; even for a beginner.  I do highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their scrapbook arsenal.

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