Pro Life Across America

Calling All Creative Kids!

If you’re a donor with an artistic child we want you! We are looking for kids to draw a Christmas scene that can be used on PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s 2014 Christmas cards!

artsuppliesHow the Contest Works:

  1. Get your markers, color crayons, paint and paper out and let your child’s imagination go to work!
  2. Send your entry in by scanning and emailing to or mailing to P.O. Box 18669, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Please include your name, your child’s name and their age.
  3. Send artwork entries in by June 15th.
  4. All entries will be narrowed down by our staff and then voted on by our pro-life community.
  5. What’s the prize for winning? A set of Christmas cards designed by your little one!

We never sell or share supporters names. We are non-profit, non-political & totally educationa

Ok, before anyone gets offended let me just say I am a Christian and I believe in our children and giving them a fighting chance but if your opinion differs from mine that is fine too keep checking out my blog and hopefully you will find some inspiration!


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