Get Organized!

Welcome to a brand spanking new section we will be calling (for now) “Get Organized”. In this area you will find all kinds of cool ideas on how to store and organize ribbon, stamps, paper, glue, and any other kinds of crafty things you can think of! Last night I felt so good I went all detailed and thoroughly cleaned my scrapbook room! I mean I cleaned out drawers, went through ribbon and changed it up a bit how I was storing things. Even set up a embellishment station! Kinda cool looking. Anyways, if your serious about getting clutter back under control then don’t forget to check out these innovative new ideas and while your at it go to and visit their wonderful FREE course on how to GET ORGANIZED. I took it and it helped me out a bunch.

Craft Organization: Find Your Supplies When You Need Them

Good LUCK! Don’t forget to check back every week for new and useful ways to get your scrap space organized! Next week we will be posting about how to organize on a BUDGET!

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