Digital Photo Organization

Often the biggest obstacle in getting your digital photos organized is the overwhelming “mound” of digital media on your computer. I usually have my folders set up by event. There are many ways to organize your photos; by event, chrologically, by person, etc. It is just easier for me to set up mine by event because sometimes I can go up to 4 Months without taking photos- such as in the summer after the 4th of July. I have one folder set up for each Birthday, then Christmas by each year, Thanksgiving and Halloween I keep as one folder together, etc. Now speaking for myself the biggest hassle I have to deal with is trying to make my desktop computer cooperate with me!

If you are just getting started then I suggest making file folders for each year and under that creating sub folders for either event, or chronological months also works well. From that point you should probably drag and drop photos accordingly.

Storing Digital Photo Prints
When storing the digital photos you have already had developed or printed I suggest using a photo storage box such as the one from Cropper Hopper. There are a TON of different storage solutions out there so use what works best for you. I use a clear square photo box that was given to me for Christmas a few years ago. I think it is either by Iris or Cropper Hopper. Not sure, but it does the trick.
As you go through your photos cull out of focus, or low quality pictures that wont be used. You certainly do not need those taking up precious space. I recommend storing by year and then under that by month or by event. I need to re-organize mine better by date rather event. Now another option for storing your prints is those little photo storage boxes they sell everywhere. I have two, but rarely use them; they just don’t work for me. My sil to be has a ton of photo boxes and it seems to work for her well, it just depends on how organized you want to get. Whatever option you choose, it should simplify the process of getting all these precious memories into an effective, organized system.

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