Found! A great idea from Controlling My Chaos

Boy oh boy, have I been busy. Look at all these clipboards that I’ve altered. I have so many lists, that I need more clipboards to put them on.

Nah, not really. But I improved upon the clipboards that I’ve altered in the past, and I want to show you the new and improved way to do them. Well, new to me anyway.
The biggest improvement was that I kicked the spray adhesive to the curb and used Modge Podge for the adhesive part and the protection part and it worked great. I’ve found that the spray adhesive doesn’t hold up very well long-term. Plus, Modge Podge is very forgiving. I ran out half way through this set of clipboards, so I went out and bought my biggest jar of Modge Podge yet.

See. It’s like a Big Gulp. And there’s even one bigger than this. I’m getting that one next time.
To alter my clipboards, the first thing I did was to paint around the edges on both sides, so that I could cut my paper a little smaller and avoid the whole sanding the edges step. Plus the paint gives the clipboard a more finished look. I got this great idea from Bizzy Bee Creations, after I finished my last batch of clipboards, and I had to smack myself upside the head for being such a bonehead.
After painting the edges of the clipboards, I chose two coordinating papers to cover each clipboard. I’ve found that the heavier weight printed paper works best and will hold up to the Modge Podge much better and without wrinkling.
I keep my clipboards pretty simple most of the time. I start by cutting the two papers the width of my clipboards. Then I shorten one and mark off the area to cut out where the clipboard hardware is.
Then I get out my Straight Trimmer and cut out that area.
I tend to start a littler shorter and then keep slicing off strips until it fits perfectly. Sure, I could measure it, but then my topology handicap would rear its ugly head and make me sorry in the end. So I like to not measure and cut many times, which would probably make Bob Vila’s head pop off and fly around the room.
Sorry Bob, I can’t help myself.
See, it fits perfectly. And no sock pockets.
This is the back of the piece I’m going to adhere to the bottom front of my clipboard. I brushed a generous coat of Modge Podge over the back.
Then I slapped it down, smooshed it into position where I wanted it, then smoothed it out with my hands, being careful to flatten and expel any air bubbles. This was so much easier than using the spray adhesive, and not stinky at all. Modge Podge is very much like white glue in consistency, it looks like white glue, and it even smells like white glue.
Here’s the front of my clipboard with two patterned papers on it. I did the back of the clipboard as well, with the same two papers.
I didn’t take pictures of the next steps (B-O-R-I-N-G), so I’ll just tell you quickly what I did. I put two coats of Modge Podge on each side of the clipboard, making sure to allow enough time to completely dry between coats. This helps to protect the paper as well as give the clipboard a finish that can be easily cleaned.
Lastly, I tied bits of pretty ribbon willy nilly around the clipboard clip. You can use more or less. This project is an excellent way to rationalize buying more ribbon. Not that I needed to do that or anything. I’m just saying.

TA-DA! Now, I made most of these clipboards for thank you gifts, but two of them are for my bloggy friends. One of them is going to one of my five winners from this post, Beth N. from Oregon. Another one is going to one of my lucky readers in the next 26-1/2 hours. If you want to win one of these clipboards, leave a comment telling me which clipboard is your first choice and which one is your second choice.
Here are the rest of the clipboards.






I’ll randomly choose someone and announce the winner on Wednesday. You have until Tuesday evening, Midnight Pacific time to enter. Please make sure your e-mail address is attached to your Blogger profile, or leave me an e-mail address in your comment. Beth N. from Oregon, I need you to leave me a comment with your choices as well.
Good luck my Bloggy Friends!
For examples of masculine clipboards, go here.


  1. Mod Flower is my favorite and then Little


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