BEST EVER Christmas Planners- (i know too early)!!

OK, so I knew it was hot outside, I was watching my Daughter playing with her paper dolls and I thought this year I want to be ready NOW — LAST year I used a control journal and her holiday control journal and It was great !!! NICE looking and most of all functional BUT I though the year I want to make it my own; I want it to be different , and well … special!!! FIRST thing I did was search online- and and so I found some really cool ideas on how to make your own and you can even access printables which I thought was really cool but I am having printer issues so I thought I would take some cues from them and add my own ideas as well!!! Here are the instructions on how to organize your very OWN PLANNER for a SPECIAL AND MEANINGFUL CHRISTMAS:

1. Find a compositon book, binder, file folder , or smash notebook ( I used a sketch book)

2. Decide on your sections these can include but are not limited to – traditions, cards, gift list, menu, to do, events, decorations, etc.

3. Determine what patterned scrapbook paper you want to use for your cover.

4. Cover your comp. book or chipboard book with it using a acid free glue stick or any glue you might have on hand

5. Making your Tabs- I laminated mine but this is not always required. Cut out pieces of card stock and write on your tabs (both sides) the names of your sections.

6. Look on internet if needed to add (by stapling or glueing in) your xmas card list, budget, decorations your using or want to purchase, the ever famous gift list ps– you need to use a pocket to store the kids lists in so they will NEVER see your list!!

7. Title It- The X-Mas Planner I have made for my SIL says “2014 Christmas Planner” on it .


I am in the long process of making little chipboard (6×6) books for all my bf (soon to be fiancé’s sisters) don’t tell!!!So basically my  kid’s 3  Aunts and his Mother. First I have got to purchase some Christmas patterned paper from Micheal’s and then I can begin the whole process of covering and adding pages.

Hope this has helped and again, it IS EARLY BUT– remember how every year it SNEAKS UP on us- We vow each year to be different so I have chosen to do it in 2014 If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment and like my page !!!



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