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This is a new area where we will be trying out a 1st Layout , Last Layout. It is surprising how much an artist’s work can change in a matter of years! I encourage anyone viewing to send me an email showing their old vs new layouts!!
Below are two of my layouts; 1 old 1 new!



DSCN16021st Lo Last LO




Reality Check!

I told you this was coming- ha ha ! Ok, if you saw the announcement post then you are ready for this! If not then be prepared! This is the 1st post under Reality Check- and in case you did not read the announcement then let me tell you we will have a new post every week! In this segment  we will consider the other parts of our lives (you know taking a break from scrapbooking) Now, don’t get me wrong I love scrapbooking but I think in order to have a well rounded life it is essential to incorporate other parts of our lives – besides I think you would be surprised how liberating this can be. Everything in moderation!



Balancing work and family life is a constant challenge. When starting, building and/or running your business it is always important to find a way to achieve a balance in your life.  Coping with the demands of each role and nurturing each family member can be difficult.  When thinking about achieving work-life balance it’s important to take some time to sit back, reflect and ask yourself some questions.  For example, what are your goals in life?  Do you know what’s important to you?  What do you love to do and would like to do more of?  The way each individual chooses to balance work and family life will differ from person to person; however the importance of doing so is the same for everyone.  When you feel that you are giving the right amount of time and energy to your work, individual and family life, then you have achieved a good balance.  The following are some helpful tips to improving your work-life balance…

Time Management:

Good time management is one of our most valuable resources.  Individuals need to learn how to manage their time so that they can complete tasks and leave work on time.  Life balance means learning how to distribute your time and energy throughout several different areas in your life.  The following suggestions can help improve the use of your time:

  • Make a “to do” list and use a planner
  • Rank the things that need to be done first- in other words, prioritize tasks and activities and make sure everything on your list is necessary.
  • Break big tasks into smaller ones- this will make tasks seem less overwhelming and easier to tackle.
  • Don’t expect everything to be done perfectly
  • Delegate at work and at home.  Take tasks that are easier, take less time or are less urgent and delegate them (i.e. to children, spouse or coworkers).  Delegating makes you more efficient.
  • Teach your children and other family members to manage their time better.  If your family is organized, it will make it easier for you.
  • Once home, do two things at once (i.e. fold laundry while watching TV).

Transitioning From Work to Home:

Transitions are times of change.  Often during these times our bodies have made the transition, but our minds are left behind at the place we have come from.  The more time you have to make transitions, the easier they will be.

  • Learn to manage your time so that you have completed your tasks and can leave work when you are supposed to.
  • Learn to separate your personal and work lives.  Don’t take your personal life to work and don’t take your work home.  One thing that is always helpful is to change out of your work clothes as soon as you get home.  This will help put you in a more relaxed frame of mind.
  • Coordinate meal preparation and homework time.  This will give time to prepare a meal without feeling pressure to entertain the children.
  • Use your commuting time to relax.  Often work and home are so busy that your commuting time is your only chance to have time for yourself- take advantage of it without feeling guilty.

Build Routines:

It is very important to develop a routine within the home as well as for your regular jobs.  Do you find yourself stressed and pressured before the workday has even begun?  Do you find your workday is affected by what happens each morning at home as you try to get yourself and your family out the door?  The following are some tips for building routines and organizing your family:

  • Wake up before anyone else; time alone in the morning can be just what you need to prevent stress
  • Share morning tasks with other family members
  • Place all items you bring to work in one familiar place and prepare the night before- it’s a good idea to place near the front door your keys, briefcase, knapsacks and letters to be mailed.
  • Lay out your clothes out the night before or plan what you’re going to wear in your mind.
  • Prepare and freeze meals ahead of time.
  • Set the breakfast table the night before (a good chore for one of your children)

Establish Priorities And Plan For Fun:

Balancing work and family life is about making a commitment to not only your career and your family, but to yourself as well.  Ask yourself what it means for you to be successful…ask yourself “am I working to live, or am I living to work?”  The answer can help guide you to determine what you need to do to establish the priorities in your life.  Other tips on improving your priorities are:

  • Communicate with your family and coworkers.  Those individuals who have the biggest impact on your work-life balance must understand your needs.  It’s important for you to communicate with them about what is and isn’t working and then brainstorm on solutions to be implemented.
  • Think about what you want more of and plan to do it!  Regularly schedule time to do something for yourself.  If you don’t plan it, you most likely won’t do it.  Remember taking time for yourself will make you more successful at work.
  • Take the time to organize regular dates with your partner and with each of your children.  One on one time keeps relationships connected, meaningful and healthy.
  • Look at all of your commitments and ask yourself “are these all necessary and important?”  Even if you can take one off your list, that will free you up for something that is more important to you.


Learning how to balance work and family life is a never ending task.  Life situations are always changing and what is important to you must be reviewed on a regular basis.  Remember, you are a priority and making sure you achieve work-life balance will lead you to a happier and more stress free life.


I told you this was coming- ha ha ! Ok, if you saw the announcement post then you are ready for this! If not then be prepared! This is the 1st post under Reality Check- and in case you did not read the announcement then let me tell you we will have a new post every week! In this segment  we will consider the other parts of our lives (you know taking a break from scrapbooking) Now, don’t get me wrong I love scrapbooking but I think in order to have a well rounded life it is essential to incorporate other parts of our lives – besides I think you would be surprised how liberating this can be.



Welcome to the 1st post of Photo Friday! In this fun installment we will have a look at my personal photos among cool photos on the web – many of these will be from flickr.com! Have a great time checking out the unique photos!!!


Scrapbook single pagerMindy, Cody, and Kaili

100_9216 100_9194 GLen and my Son Cody 100_9337 100_9394Ice Skating at the galleria


to me this is stunning and so different (of course my favorite color is purple)

LOVE this photo of my Daughter Kaili – she is being so bold (not like her at all ) I like seeing her confident!


This is the section where I pin all of my ideas or inspiration for scrapbooking – so I will just post or pin up a variety of different ideas and when you are needing a  little boost you can feel free to check this area out! ANYTHING GOES just whatever strikes your fancy!

LOVE the textures and use of the color purple

bon appetit washi tape!  http://wishywashi.com

Relish the Embellish.!

This is a repeating category that will have content added weekly in the same area. We will review or study a new embellishment each week Isn’t that exciting? I don’t know about you but it gives me goosbumps! I get all thrilled just thinking of the chance to add another embellishment to my scrapbook tool box!!!ha ha ! Ok, I know I am not alone out there. You know who you are- hee hee!
Moving on, this 1st Week of Relish the Embellish.! we are going to examine … washi tape! I considered wood veneers but I caved and figured yall would prefer to “stick” with washi tape!!!!


Why I Love Washi Tape and You Should, Too No. 15 by Ellen Foord on July 26, 2013 Find It 9Share My ever-growing washi tape collection. I have a weird mental blind spot when it comes to my assumption that everyone in the world knows and loves washi tape. It’s become such an ubiquitous part of my life that when someone gets a blank look on their face when I mention it in conversation, I get a little flabbergasted. I’m so addicted to washi tape, I’ve been known to use “washi” as a verb, as in: “I’m going to washi those paper straws before the party.” You may have noticed my penchant for washi tape in my post about arranging grocery store flowers, considering two of the vases were decorated with it. Purple washi tape and gold glitter tape = pretty DIY vase décor. So, what is washi tape? Simply put, it’s decorative paper tape. Nowadays, there are brands of “washi tape” that are made in the U.S. and China, but most well-known brands of washi tape, like MT, are made in Japan. With washi tape’s growing popularity, you can now also find fabric tape, paper tape, tissue tape — there might be slight variations within all of them and even within those going by washi tape, but for the most part, it’s just decorative tape. Where can you get it? Aside from your local craft store, and increasingly, your local office supply store, you can also check out some of my favorite sources: cutetape Wishy Washi Tape Freckled Fawn Downtown Tape Shop Sweet Lulu Once you have your very own supply of happy washi tape, what can you do with it? Here are a few things I’ve done … Washi tape takes votives from plain to pretty in two seconds flat. Glitter tape makes the perfect flag for paper straws. Boring plastic cups? Make them one of a kind with washi tape for your next bash. And there are a million things I’m dying to try… Want a prettier keyboard like minifanfan‘s? Washi tape. (Featured on HGTV’s Design Happens) Easy Easter egg decorating? Washi tape. (From HGTV’s Design Happens) Pretty up a plain Jane door? Washi tape. (From “10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape” on HGTV.com) Tired of boring chargers and cords? Washi tape. (From “10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape” on HGTV.com) Make gorgeous magnets like Twirling Betty did? Washi tape. And many, many more — I’m talking about using washi tape to decorate walls, cabinets, floors, create art installations, window displays, dorm rooms, playroom features, etc. etc. Just check out all 10 of the easy, impermanent solutions using washi tape on HGTV.com’s new dorm decor section. Washi tape is EVERYWHERE. And I applaud every single new use I see. I’m on the washi bandwagon and I want everyone else to join the party, too. What have you done with washi tape that the world should know about? – See more at: http://blog.diynetwork.com/maderemade/2013/07/26/why-i-love-washi-tape-and-you-should-too/#sthash.lIGYnLoG.dpuf


colour your monday happy...

washi tape obsessed(so pretty) I think I need a washi fix!

Review- The We R Memory Keepers Cinch

First of all let me say that the WRMK brand is outstanding. I have been satisfied with every purchase from this popular brand. I received my Cinch and it was ready to go right out of the box. The Cinch has two versions; the one that I purchased punches circular holes and is blue, while the other punches square or rectangular holes and is pink. I love the variety you get with the wires you can buy to go with it. They come in many sizes and colors. Another thing that makes this such an asset is the fact that you can pull out the pegs allowing several holes to not punch therefore you are never left with a half punched hole!

As much as I love this tool there are a couple of downsides to it. For one, at the back of the machine there is a “cincher” and when you press down on the lever it comes close to flattening the wires too much. This may be partly user – error, but I had trouble making larger books where it requires you to pull out and (gasp) measure where the holes will be placed.  I am not big on measuring!

I suggest that at the back of the Cinch enlarging the numbers which tell what wires should be used. One thing I did notice was that the wire cutters I bought to go with it would not cut as well as expected. There are very few negatives to this machine and I was happy to find that for the most part it was very easy to use; even for a beginner.  I do highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their scrapbook arsenal.

Product Details

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Pro Life Across America

Calling All Creative Kids!

If you’re a donor with an artistic child we want you! We are looking for kids to draw a Christmas scene that can be used on PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s 2014 Christmas cards!

artsuppliesHow the Contest Works:

  1. Get your markers, color crayons, paint and paper out and let your child’s imagination go to work!
  2. Send your entry in by scanning and emailing to info@prolifeacrossamerica.org or mailing to P.O. Box 18669, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Please include your name, your child’s name and their age.
  3. Send artwork entries in by June 15th.
  4. All entries will be narrowed down by our staff and then voted on by our pro-life community.
  5. What’s the prize for winning? A set of Christmas cards designed by your little one!

We never sell or share supporters names. We are non-profit, non-political & totally educationa

Ok, before anyone gets offended let me just say I am a Christian and I believe in our children and giving them a fighting chance but if your opinion differs from mine that is fine too keep checking out my blog and hopefully you will find some inspiration!